edge2edge is dedicated to making your business:

  • more profitable
  • more fulfilling
  • more enjoyable


By helping you to develop your personal edge.

edge is the name we give to the planning, processes, habits, self-awareness, resilience, flexibility, connections, image, financial savvy, persuasiveness, emotional intelligence and passion that enable you to leverage your expertise, knowledge and hard work to achieve extraordinary results.

Your personal edge is the foundation of your competitive edgeedge 2 edge


Imagine the impact on your profits if you were:

more focused

more persuasive

more effective

more connected

more financially-savvy

more credible

more empathic

more resilient

more respected

more passionate

more fulfilled


But there’s another, less positive, perspective.

Perhaps edge is not a merely a nice-to-have.

Perhaps edge is essential for survival.


It’s a competitive world. And it’s only going to get tougher.

Cheap technology and easy access to capital have reduced the barriers to starting a business. Right across the age spectrum, people are seizing the opportunity. From enthusiastic twenty-somethings, with the most relevant and up-to-date skills, through to experienced professionals, individuals are turning, or being pushed, away from corporate careers to become, potentially, your competitors.

No matter how skilled, clever or hard-working you are, you may well come second-best to someone who is more self-aware or works more efficiently or has better connections or has a strong personal brand or is able to influence others or is financially savvy or a good negotiator.

And when you’re competing for business, second is nowhere.

In an increasingly competitive world, technical skills and hard work alone won’t get you very far.

You need to think holistically and seek incremental advantages in every area.

Every year 20 million students graduate from universities in the USA alone. Across the OECD, between 1995 and 2008, the proportion of young people going to university doubled – from 20% to almost 40%. Yet at the other end of the age spectrum, across the developed world, fewer than 50% of people are retiring at the age of 65 years.

And the world is changing – very quickly. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the internet of things are transforming every industry. There may not be an overnight revolution in your sector but you know change is coming.

It won’t always be obvious – in fact, it may already be happening in other sectors that then leverage technology to expand into your area, as if from nowhere. It wasn’t taxi drivers that came up with uber or hotels that developed airbnb or retailers that setup Amazon.

The bottom line is: there will be change and what you do now will have a big impact on how that change affects you.

“There is a huge wave of investment in businesses exploiting AI, and it is enabling new business models that are disrupting established industries at an exhilarating rate – or a terrifying rate …

… a report in September 2013 by the Oxford Martin School estimated that 45% of American jobs would disappear in the next 20 years”
Calum Chace, Surviving AI

Now is the time to start building the mindset, systems, skills, connections, and personal brand that will differentiate you, set you apart from the herd, and enable you to adapt and compete in new ways.

The good news is, every aspect of edge can be developed.

Therefore, edge is a choice – a choice which brings financial rewards and fulfilment.

Let me give you a brief outline of edge2edge (more details on each element later).

There are 6 elements in edge2edge

Insight – thinking smart – perhaps the biggest impact that you can have on your business performance – and your life generally – is to understand, sense and manage the unconscious processes running in your brain. You will make better decisions, overcome fears and reduce anxiety, regulate your emotions, increase your resilience and optimism, become more adaptable and develop a ‘success mindset’. And your understanding of how the human mind works will help you to develop stronger relationships and work more effectively with others.

Productivity – working smart – maximize the return on your time and effort through:

  • robust planning
  • an effective system and processes for handling multiple priorities
  • getting stuff done – effective triage, being assertive, conquering procrastination etc
  • reviewing – fine-tuning and continuously improving your performance

Perception is reality. This module will help you to create a strong personal brand so that you receive the rewards and recognition that you deserve.

You will discover how people create an image of you in their mind (often based on very little evidence) – and how you can influence that image. The emphasis throughout is on practical tips that will make building a personal brand an integral part of what you do each day. By using our practical tool, the image map, you will be able to structure your thinking and actions.

How to plan, build and maintain a network that provides opportunities, influence, knowledge, feedback and encouragement. A complete approach from systems through to social chit-chat.

This comprehensive module will take you from selecting who should be in your network, balancing quality and quantity, through tips on how to interact with strangers, to using a systematic approach to nurture your contacts. The emphasis will be on making networking fun rather than a chore and an integral part of what you already do.

Effective influencing depends on understanding the needs, personalities, emotional triggers, beliefs and biases of others, and, making a connection. Logic rarely persuades without this foundation.

People are different. So influencing begins with discovering more about the person you are dealing with in order that, later, you can adapt your influencing approach to their personality, biases, beliefs, emotional triggers etc. The foundation is active listening and asking powerful questions.

Your approach will be more successful if the person feels motivated to want to agree with you – and you can achieve this by creating a good first impression, developing trust and activating unconscious emotional triggers and biases.

You will learn how and when to use 7 different influencing styles, ranging from involvement and the use of emotional triggers through to hard bargaining. We will also consider how to overcome resistance.

In addition, whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll help you to get the best deal. The negotiating principles and techniques that you will learn are derived from the negotiating programs that I have run for procurement and sales professionals.

In the Finance module, you will learn how to:

  • develop robust business cases and justify investment in areas such as equipment, marketing, IT, training …
  • create practical what-if models that lead to realistic forecasts, budgets and plans
  • understand and interpret financial statements and KFIs (Key Financial Indicators); your performance will be evaluated according to these so it is essential that you understand the scoring system
  • learn the language of finance so that you are able to engage in constructive discussions with finance professionals
  • recognise the limitations of the so-called ‘hard numbers’ and the importance of non-financial drivers such as brand, relationships, expertise, culture and systems

The emphasis throughout is on developing practical knowledge and skills that you can use day-to-day and that will have a tangible impact on your business performance.


We could have split edge2edge into 6 separate courses but it didn’t make sense to us because all the elements are connected and support each other: understanding your inner drivers is crucial to your productivity, emotional awareness is integral to building relationships and influencing people, a strong personal brand will boost your networking activities and financial savvy will ensure that your plans are realistic.

edge2edge equips you with everything you need to achieve business success: personal insight, effective decision-making, emotional intelligence, action plans, efficient processes, habits and checklists, a strong personal brand, a networking system, persuasion skills and financial savvy.

There is no program like it.

An Amazing Investment

And no investment that comes close to the returns it will generate for your business. The first objective of edge is to increase your profits. Money is important – it pays for healthcare, education, a decent house, a better car than your irritating neighbour (if that’s important to you), vacations and rock’n’roll (have you seen the price of concert tickets!). Therefore, consider how much more money you would make if you:

  • increased your output through more effective habits and better time management
  • created new leads through a stronger network
  • had a strong personal brand that attracted new business
  • converted more leads to sales by persuading and influencing others
  • reduced your costs and increased your margins through improved negotiating
  • used your money more efficiently by adopting a more rigorous approach to forecasting, pricing, budgeting and investment appraisal

If you’re earning £30,000, an extremely conservative improvement in performance of just 10% would mean an extra £3,000 profit.

This means that your investment in edge2edge could be repaid many times over before you even finish the program. And, as this gain is underpinned by greater self-awareness, better decision-making, higher motivation, improved emotional control, increased resilience and realistic optimism, efficient processes, your personal brand and an expanding network, your profits will continue to grow year after year, even as the world changes.

If you have managed to resist the temptation (I rarely can) to scroll down to check out the price of the Edge Program, you will be astonished that you can join for only:

£30 a month for Action Group edge2edge


£15 a month for our Solo edge2edge

(each is a 7 months subscription)

Action Group edge2edge Program

I realise that you’re busy and that if you’re going to invest in a course, it must yield tangible, real-world results and make a difference to the bottom-line. So, I have drawn on my 25 years’ experience working in personal development to create a radical new approach that links learning directly to your business.

Once you have subscribed, you will access content through our online learning portal, where you will find:

  • around 40 hours of video
  • articles
  • questionnaires, including an option to get feedback from others about yourself (companies charge hundreds of dollars for this as a standalone service)
  • interactive webinars – not lectures but small group discussions where you can learn from and support other members (more about this shortly – this is powerful!)
  • step-by-step guides to help you achieve personal and business success

We know from experience that most people, faced with this level of content, would be overwhelmed and that, despite their best intentions, they would stop. That’s why we have structured the course into monthly bite-sized chunks, including activities that help you to apply your learning to your own business.

There will be about an hour of content each week together with recommended activities. Thus, in month 1, we’ll help you to:

  • build an action map (plan) to achieve your vision – this will be a red thread that connects everything you do in the program – the focus is always your success
  • develop effective habits and checklists
  • cultivate a success mindset

This is not a passive course; to get the most from it you will need to invest some time and effort in experimenting and applying your learning. But we will be there with you every step of the way, advising, challenging, questioning you – more about how we do this (Action Groups) very shortly.

You’re in Control

Whether you are a night-owl or an early-bird, you can access the course materials at any time that is convenient for you and on any device with an internet connection. There’s no software or add-ins to install and our system will track your progress, allowing you to re-start where you left off. You can go at your own pace, analysing and reflecting on the content. When appropriate you can experiment with your new skills, then analyse and reflect again. This is what brings about real personal growth.

Even so, in a course with so much content – and with so much else going on in your life – retaining and using what you have learned is challenging. That’s why we use a proven approach called ‘spaced repetition and recall’. As you go through the program, we will remind you of content from earlier in the course – several times! We will continue to remind you even after you have completed the program.

And, all your insights, goals, habits, actions, networking ideas etc will be captured in the action map you begin in month one.

A Peek Inside edge2edge

The video below gives a quick overview of how you will access program content.

Action Groups

You will also join a small ‘Action Group’ (maximum 15) of fellow members. These are business people who are, just like you, committed to success. You will have your own private forum featuring threaded discussions, messaging and alerts – all the stuff you get with Facebook and LinkedIn groups but with the added focus that the program content provides  (and without the trolls and the constant stream of connection requests from spammers). You will get to know your fellow members and the Action Group will be a place to share ideas, get advice and new perspectives, give feedback and discuss the current month’s content. And, if you need an occasional dose of accountability, share your plans with the group and they’ll give you the prod you need, when you need it.

Action Group Webinars

Your group will also have 3 private ‘live’ discussions, facilitated by one of our team.  These are opportunities to delve deeper into the content and to address your specific concerns. You’ll need a mic / headset and, optionally, a webcam.

Your Action Group will be a key part of converting your learning into action and business success.

[As mentioned, if you really want to learn ‘solo’ – no webinars or group membership – that option is available.]

Edge Community

In addition to your private Action Group, you will also be able to interact with the entire Edge Community in the Edge Network. Here you will benefit from the perspectives of business people from many different sectors, types of organisation and, because this is a global program, countries. You will be able to seek advice, feedback, ideas and recommendations for products and services – and share your thoughts too.

The Edge Community is about members, many of whom have unique insights and extensive experience, helping other members.

Solo edge2edge Program

The CONTENT in Solo edge2edge is THE SAME as in Action Group edge2edge. The difference between the two programs is that subscribers to Solo edge2edge, as the name suggests, do not join an Action Group. This means that Solo edge2edge subscribers do not have access to:

  • Action Group Webinars
  • Action Group Forums

However, if you subscribe to the Solo edge2edge Program, you do have access to the main Edge Community.

If you haven’t taken an online course before (or even if you have), you may be wondering whether edge2edge is as effective as face-to-face training. The answer is: it can be more effective! Click below to find out why.

The problem with face-to-face (f2f) training is that it is expensive and so maximum (perceived) value must be extracted from every minute. Therefore typically, in a f2f workshop, there will be a presentation by a facilitator, followed immediately by an activity to apply the learning. There is little time for reflection or deeper analysis and, as a result, activities intended to deepen learning, like role plays, tend to be superficial. There’s a quick debrief and then on to the next topic. No chance to go away and experiment in the real world in situations where there is something at stake. At the end of the training day, you are exhausted and any learning from earlier in the day is rapidly fading.

There is a limit to how much knowledge can be crammed into the human brain in a single day. And as for a multi-day program, how much are you likely to remember from the first morning as knowledge is piled on top of knowledge.

And then, when you return to work, you have to catch-up on all the stuff that accumulated while you were away. Often, you won’t even try to apply your learning, you are too busy getting stuff done and within days the training is a fuzzy blur.

What a waste!

(And I haven’t even mentioned irritating participants who like the sound of their own voice.)

Surely there has to be a better way …

With our approach, you go at your own pace, with time to reflect and try things out. As a result, learning is more likely to be remembered and used.

Your Action Group discussions will be much richer than the discussions in typical f2f training sessions because, not only will you have acquired new knowledge, you will also have had time to reflect and try things out in the real world.


I am embarrassed to say that I have forgotten pretty much everything from my law degree. However, it did equip me with an analytical mind and intellectual rigour. If you are anything like me, you probably approach the whole personal development genre with a certain degree of scepticism. It is littered with folksy stories and anecdotes, wild assertions and seductive ‘you can do anything’ slogans.  

But if you are serious about investing money, time and effort in your development, surely you want to follow an approach that is founded on solid, academic research? edge2edge incorporates the latest findings from neuroscience, psychology, personal effectiveness, motivation, leadership and business. Don’t worry though, while references are provided, we give you the distilled essence; just the stuff you need to know.

We recognize that results from the lab don’t always translate into real life, so you’ll be pleased to know that the content of edge2edge has been thoroughly tested by thousands of participants in training programs that I have developed and run for both major corporations and small businesses. I have personally delivered face-to-face workshops in over 40 countries and edge2edge has been moulded according to my first-hand experience of what works – and what doesn’t.

The final refinements to edge2edge have come from my experience coaching and mentoring, one-on-one, individuals in almost every field, including technology, finance, engineering, accounting, energy, retail, law … Getting up close and working with individuals seeking urgent answers has ensured that edge2edge addresses real-world challenges in the most practical way.

The Real Deal

There are thousands of sites offering you quick fixes and shortcuts for everything from procrastination through to fear of public speaking. Article after article churned out with titles like ‘5 tips to make you more productive’. They are click-bait, written to make something challenging seem easy: ‘Look, you only need to do 5 things’. We read them and then do nothing because life is complex.

Even some of the more respectable business books (I’m looking at you ‘Good to Great’) fall victim to offering recipes for success based on flawed research.

Or there are the ‘Mastermind’ courses, which on closer inspection turn out to be re-hashes of basic NLP principles accompanied by constant reminders that ‘You are awesome’. They promise to reveal the ‘secret formula that will skyrocket your profits’.

Except they don’t, because it doesn’t exist.

You can’t simply copy the approach of a successful person because the world is complex and your situation is different, it is unique. Your situation may look similar but any one of hundreds of factors could tip the balance between success and failure: personality, connections, financial resources, competitors, customers, economic conditions … And, what’s more, blindly following in the steps of a business that achieved success in the past in a world that is changing so quickly would appear to be a shortcut to disaster.

So, we don’t make wild promises of a cookie-cutter, universal blueprint for success; there’s no such thing.

The purpose of edge2edge is to give you the insights and tools to plot your individual route to success, based on your unique situation.

Supported, of course, by us!

Edge Content 

I have given a brief outline of the 6 Edge Elements above; now for the detail. Clicking on the images below will open a new tab for each element.

We appreciate that you could feel overwhelmed by the amount of content and that’s why the content is ‘drip-fed’ month-by-month. We ensure that you have sufficient time to access, reflect upon and apply the content to your life. If you need to take a break, the content will be there waiting for you when you return – you have lifetime access.


I am Paul Taylor and I am the lead developer and will facilitate most of the webinars. Over the last 25 years I have worked in over 40 countries, with businesses ranging from one-man start-ups through to global corporations, including Virgin, Cisco, Ericsson, Novartis and Maersk. Throughout this time, I have designed and developed training programs, both online and face-to-face, and coached and mentored hundreds of talented individuals.

And, I have been running my own businesses for over 25 years. edge2edge is at least partly inspired by my experiences, questions, challenges, successes – and mistakes. 

I have an MBA from London University and a Masters in Law from Oxford University.

I firmly believe that edge2edge can help you to:

  • dramatically increase your profits
  • enjoy your work more
  • make a positive difference in the world
  • become the best version of you (so that you can do even more of the above)

And to reiterate, consider how much extra money would you make in a year if you:

  • increased your output through more effective habits and better time management
  • expanded and enhanced the quality of your network
  • had a strong personal brand that attracted new business
  • converted more leads to sales by persuading and influencing others
  • reduced your costs and increased your margins through improved negotiating
  • adopted a more rigorous approach to forecasting, pricing, budgeting and investment appraisal

Earlier I used a very conservative 10% improvement in performance. This could be one client from improved networking or an increase in chargeable hours from more efficient systems. Or perhaps you convert more leads to clients by using influencing approaches you have learned on the program.

How much does 10% represent in your business – £4,000, £6,000 or maybe £10,000?

I use 10% but now that you know about edge2edge content, I think you will agree that your returns could be many times higher.

With these figures in mind, it’s likely that your only concern right now is: why is the price of edge2edge so low?

And I can understand that concern because other programs with a fraction of our content are being marketed at prices many times higher. There are 3 reasons for this low price:

  1. Rather than spending $000s on marketing trying to find 100 people who can afford a subscription of £300 a month, we prefer to have a 1,000 members paying £30 (who then tell their friends …). It may involve more work for us but it means we have an active community full of diverse ideas, perspectives, experiences and tips. And that means we enjoy our work more and you get even more benefit.
  2. We are passionate about helping people to develop their edge and we don’t want price to be an issue for anyone.
  3. We’re a lean, mean machine. We invested in technology to reduce our running costs and we can pass our cost-efficiencies on to you.

Program Launch

edge2edge will be launching on March 1st

the duration of each program is 7 months


the monthly subscription is £30


the monthly subscription is £15

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